Getting around in the Bay Area and the United States is something of a cultural adjustment for many students. Unlike the big cities of Europe and Asia, transportation for Americans is often private as opposed to public. The individual car is the preferred method of transportation for most Americans, so public transportation such as buses, taxis, trains, and even bicycles seem often undeveloped and difficult to use for many students coming from countries where the public transportation is modern, convenient, and reliable. Although you can use public transportation in America, you should expect longer waiting times, fewer options, higher prices, and sometimes reduced schedules (not running all night). Taxi services are mostly limited to the larger cities. Outside the cities, taxis are usually dispatched (you have to call and request a taxi), and the prices are much higher for such taxi services outside the cities. Please visit some of the links on this page to review your transportation options while a student in Fremont.

From the Airport

There are a variety of transportation options from San Francisco Airport to Fremont. NPU identifies some of these services below, but there are many others that can provide transportation from the airport to the University. Please contact these companies or another service to arrange for transportation.

San Francisco Airport also provides taxi zones at the roadway center islands outside of its terminals. Certain of the taxis may not take you to Fremont, so it is preferable to schedule transportation in advance to ensure you can reach your destination.

Please note that NPU has no affiliation with any of these transportation companies and cannot be responsible or liable for the actions of these companies or their drivers.