Yen-Chun at Amazon

Mr. Yen-Chun Chang profile picture with amazon logo


Yen-Chun defines himself as easy-going and always willing to try new things. Watching and playing sports makes him happy and stress-free.


Yen-Chun describes his journey to the United States as the most significant challenge in his life thus far: "Adapting in a country that I wasn’t familiar with was the biggest adjustment for me." He decided to pursue his graduate degree at NPU because it provides a solid knowledge base in cutting-edge technology. Further, he explains that "NPU is in the perfect location for me to connect with people who are in the technology industry."


"Never stop doing the right things."


During his MSCS studies, Yen-Chun's favorite project was the capstone course Scan-N-Skip, in which students designed a mobile application that allows customers to self-scan a product, permitting self- checkout: "I had a lot of fun working with my teammates, building the mobile app, and making it work."


Immediately after graduating, he landed a job at Amazon. As a Software Development Engineer, he is building large-scale machine learning pipelines and demand-prediction models for multiple businesses such as Whole Foods Market, PrimeNow, Book, Go, and Fresh.


He believes that a true leader is professional, and not just at the workplace. Being professional means being polite, reliable, and competent. This helps not only in the workplace, but in daily life. He advises current NPU students, "Do not limit yourself. NPU provides an excellent education for you to start your career."

Lastly, Yen-Chun describes his aspirations: "My future goals involve learning and improving myself. I would love to create little ways of making the world a better place."