Dipti Prajapati, MSCS'15

Dipti Prajapati Profile Picture with her employment information


Growing up in India, Dipti always wanted to be self-dependent as an adult, and she knew that getting a good education was the best way to achieve independence. Starting from a young age, she became very focused on her studies because she "wanted to create an example in [her] society so that other girls can get a chance to study and work."


Coming from a middle-class family of four children and a father who works in construction, Dipti was never certain that she would have the chance to go to college. But, with the support of her family and her parents’ faith in her abilities, she pursued and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree inInformation and Technology in India and became the first college graduate in her family.


Of course, Dipti's achievements did not end there, and she was soon faced with both the challenge and opportunity to study abroad.Having seen her excel academically, a college counselor recommended that Dipti matriculate at NPU. Undeterred by the difficulty and logistics of traveling abroad to further her education, she pursued a Master's Degree at NPU.


Dipti describes her memories at NPU as unforgettable and loved the culture at NPU. She especially enjoyed her Database classes where she learned so much and still remembers everything to this day! Dipti graduated from NPU with a Master’s of Science in Computer Science in 2015.


" Leadership means inspiration and encouragement. A true leader would inspire people and define a common goal and work with the team to make it work."


After graduating, Dipti began a career at Fox Studios, and she was given great learning opportunities that have allowed her to adapt within her field. She really enjoyed Fox Studios' work culture and agenda. Fox Studios and The Walt Disney Company eventually merged, landing Dipti in her current position as aQA/DevOps Engineer at the Walt Disney Company in LosAngeles. In her role, she is now "responsible for validating [their] products for content supply and releasing them to production." She also works in "automation as well as manual testing." She could not enjoy her work more.


Dipti's motto is to never stop trying. On top of Dipti's successful career, she is currently in the third year of pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration. When speaking of her goals for the future, Dipti states, "I want to work in my current field and reach management level. Additionally, I want to start my own business as well on the side when time permits."


In addition to Dipti’s career and studies, she also is a professional cook and really enjoys it. Other than cooking, her hobbies include hiking, biking, going to the beach, camping, and listening to music. When asked how she would describe herself, Dipti states "I'm an independent person, responsible and career-oriented. I value my culture and traditions. I'm very focused on what I do." When asked what she thinks a leader embodies, Dipti states "Leadership means inspiration and encouragement. A true leader would inspire people and define a common goal and work with the team to make it work."


Congratulations and best wishes to Dipti! You are a leader and inspiration to all!


Be active. Work on sharpening your skills.
Practice and never stop trying.