Retirement of Dr. George Hsieh

It is with mixed feelings that we announce the retirement of our beloved President Dr. George Hsieh starting today September 1, 2015.

It is truly impossible to sum up Dr. Hsieh’s dedication to and achievements for Northwestern Polytechnic University. Dr. Hsieh began his presidency in 1991 when the student population was only 16. During his tenure, Dr. Hsieh brought countless new ideas to the educational world and achieved pioneering success in creating and growing a university continuously dedicated to the needs of its students in a rapidly evolving society. Dr. Hsieh’s energy and positive outlook was infectious and inspired faculty, staff, and most importantly, students to work hard and seek success. His philosophy and positive attitude helped in the tremendous success and growth of NPU.

Dr. Hsieh has long desired to focus on international work, travel and home life. After having devoted 30 years of his life to running the university, he wished to quietly transition to this new phase of his life’s ambitions.

We will forever remain grateful to Dr. Hsieh for his service, absent which NPU might not be standing today. We wish Dr. Hsieh further success in his new endeavors.