NPU Student Organizations

Student organizations that are officially recognized by Northwestern Polytechnic University are groups made up of students for the purpose of getting involved and connected to their peers, their instructors, their administrators, and the rest of the population of the University. Student organizations are created in the hopes that students who share the same interests and goals will be able to come together, get connected with each other, and provide each other with the necessary tools and support they need to succeed in their ambitions. By assisting in the creation of student organizations, Northwestern Polytechnic University aspires to help make a difference in students’ lives by aiding them in getting involved on campus and to learn from these new and exciting experiences.

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Student Organizations

The Number Club

Mission Statement/Purpose: The Club seeks to promote a better understanding of the accounting and finance fields beyond the classroom, and to provide career growth through networking opportunities with potential employers and other students with similar career objectives. The Club’s mission is to promote financial literacy, build professional networking, and perfect marketable business skills necessary to compete in today’s marketplace.

Classification: ACADEMIC-BASED

Advisor(s): Dr. Flora Chu -

Business and Engineering Student Association (BESA)

Mission Statement/Purpose: The objective of the Business and Engineering Student Association is to get students involved in campus life, give them opportunity to develop fundamentals of business and engineering leadership skills and network, and to help them build a successful career.

Classification: ACADEMIC-BASED

Advisor(s):Professor Ahmed Banafa -

Beats Fusion

Mission Statement/Purpose: The club strives to use dance as a medium of expression and communication. The purpose is to learn and promote different dance forms that serve as a window to our traditions and cultures.

Classification: SPECIAL INTEREST

Advisor(s): Monica Sinha -

The NPU Community Outreach and Volunteer Efforts (COVE) Society

Mission Statement/Purpose: The purpose of this student organization shall be to promote the involvement of students in their surrounding community through act of charity, volunteer work, and willing dedication of their time and effort in improving their academic and living environment. The NPU COVE Society’s mission is to create better citizens through hard work, generosity, and a deeper understanding of social responsibility and interpersonal giving.

Classification: SPECIAL INTEREST

Advisor(s): Dr. Mariam Ghazvini -

Toastmasters International - NPU Chapter

Mission Statement/Purpose: Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization established in 1924 that seeks to improve public speaking, presentation skills, and the confidence of its members. The NPU chapter is dedicated to helping the success of its members by encouraging the growth of their communication skills as students and aspiring professionals.

Classification: ACADEMIC-BASED

Advisor(s): Dr. Mariam Ghazvini -

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