Graduate Application

NPU Graduate

Master's Degree Programs

Qualified prospective students must hold a valid bachelor's degree, graduate before attending NPU, or, for applicants who have completed a program outside the United States, provide documentation verifying that the program is equivalent to a bachelor's degree program in the U.S.A.

NPU requires applicants for the MBA degree program to submit GMAT scores taken within the last five years. 

NPU requires applicants for the MSCS/MSEE/MSCSE programs to submit GRE scores taken within the last five years. 

NPU's institutional code for reporting the GMAT/GRE scores is: 5485.

Applicants to a graduate program who do not hold relevant undergraduate degrees will be required to take specified undergraduate courses to make up the deficiencies. Applicants will receive an Evaluation Report and Study Plan once they have been admitted to the University.

Doctorate Degree Programs*

The doctorate degree programs are designed for the students to attain specialized and practical competence in their fields of study and in the workplace. The doctorate programs are offered with the emphasis on practical and real-world applications in both the course work and the doctoral dissertation requirements.

NPU offers two professionally-oriented doctorate degree programs:

For more information on NPU's doctorate degree programs, please visit: NPU Doctorate Degree Programs

*At this time, we are not accepting any new applications for our doctoral programs.