Doctorate Admissions

Doctorate Degree Programs *

The mission of the doctorate degree programs is to provide an opportunity for the students to attain professional and practical competence which qualifies the students for opportunities and additional responsibilities beyond the master's degree level. The doctorate programs are offered with the emphasis on practical and real-world applications in both the course work and the doctoral thesis requirements.

The doctorate degree programs emphasize both mastery of subject matter as well as an understanding of related research and research methodology for professional-oriented projects/dissertations. The programs aim to develop the student’s ability to integrate knowledge and apply practical research to address problems and issues in the workplace. Each program is designed for the student to accomplish specified goals and objectives and contribute to competence in the subject area or profession at an advanced level.

Each doctorate degree program is governed by its Doctoral Program Committee. The committee is responsible for developing, modifying, and maintaining the doctorate degree program. Committee members include qualified NPU faculty and administrators as well as other qualified professionals or practitioners. Each committee is knowledgeable in methods of research and in the subject matter, co-chaired by credentialed individuals with expertise in the program area. The doctoral students work with the committee members to pursue their doctoral studies. Each doctorate degree program also receives advice and guidance from an advisory committee comprised of members from similar accredited doctoral programs and past or future employers of the graduates.

The doctoral degree programs at NPU are some of the best that I've seen. Students can count on a very comprehensive education in the skill sets that will help them land a job upon graduation.

Dr. Jahan Ghofraniha, School of Engineering


*At this time, we are not accepting any new applications for our doctoral programs.