Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)

While the Doctor of Business Administration is recognized by ACICS, ACICS scope of recognition from the Council of Higher Education Accreditation only extends through the master's degree level.



The DBA degree program is designed to develop the student’s ability in advanced academic study, practical research, and professional expertise in business administration. The program aims to cultivate leadership in modern global business development and management. Research emphases are in the fields of global economy, finance, business decision making, marketing strategies, as well as broad digital business intelligence and e-business applications.

Background Preparation

Students admitted into the DBA degree program are required to have proper business background preparation for taking the graduate level coursework. The student must clear all deficiencies before taking the degree required courses. A student with deficiency in any required background subject is required to clear it by taking and passing the appropriate preparatory module course. With advance approval by the academic review committee, the student may be allowed to take a proficiency exam to clear any deficiency subject.

The student must also follow the English requirement described in the chapter on Admission Policies.

The following are the four business preparatory modules covering all the required background subjects:

  • PBUS05: Essentials of Corporate Business Management
  • PBUS06: Essentials of Corporate Accounting and Finance

D.B.A. Curriculum

A minimum of 96 trimester units of graduate study beyond the bachelor’s degree are required for the DBA program. Among them, 84 units are for graduate coursework and a minimum of 12 units are for doctoral dissertation or comprehensive research project work. Courses at the 4xxG level must be taken at NPU in order to earn graduate credits. The student must meet prerequisite requirements when taking any of the following courses.

I. Foundation Requirements (29 units - First two years of study)

(Foundation in enterprise management and information systems, quantitative analysis)

BUS460G   (2)
IT450G Enterprise Information System Fundamentals (3)
MGT450G Organizational Behavior and Management (3)
MKT450G Marketing Management (3)
FIN501 Financial Management (3)
FIN522 International Trade and Investment (3)
HRM531 Human Resource Management (3)
MGT500 Risk Management (3)
MGT530 Logistics and Operations Management (3)
MGT542 Technology and Product Management (3)

Prior to taking the Research Methodology courses listed below, the student must form his/her Dissertation Committee which oversees the student’s dissertation research planning and activities.

II. Core Requirements (24 units – Third year of study)

Following the foundation coursework, the student must take advanced level graduate courses, a series of two research methodology courses, and courses for breadth of study, by which the student gains mastery of the subjects of interest and in-depth understanding of related research. Courses described in this section, especially the Research Methodology courses, should be taken by the student immediately following the required foundation courses described in section I.

The student is advised to refer to the DBA Student Handbook for guidelines on all the requirements related to dissertation research work and the final dissertation document.

DBA601 Research Methodology - I (3)
DBA602 Research Methodology - II (3)
FIN510 Investment Analysis (3)
FIN568 Corporate Finance (3)
IT553 Business Intelligence and CRM (3)
IT560 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (3)
MGT501 Project Management (3)
MKT541 Strategic Marketing (3)

III. Electives(31 units – Fourth year of study)

The student may take any advanced graduate courses, numbered at 500 or above, to meet the electives requirement. However, doctoral candidates are encouraged to take concentrated coursework to address their career development plan or research interests.

Curricular Practicum: Students with no or little experience in the work environment they will be prepared to enter are required to conduct curricular practicum before graduation. Other students are also encouraged to take curricular practicum courses and engage in practical training to work on company projects that are directly related to the student’s dissertation research or course of study. The student must observe the rules required for taking the practicum courses.

IV. Doctoral Dissertation (12 units – Fifth year of study)

The doctoral candidate is required to earn a minimum of 12 units in the dissertation coursework to meet the graduation requirement. Refer to the DBA Student Handbook for information related to doctoral dissertation.

DBA698 Dissertation – I (6)
DBA699 Dissertation – II (6)


At this time, we are not accepting any new applications for our doctoral programs.