School of Business and Information Technology

NPU Northwestern Polytechnic University Fremont California CA School of Business MBA BS Business masters bachelors

The School of Business and Information Technology offers one degree program at each level: bachelor’s, and master’s.  These are educational programs in the business and organizational disciplines intended to prepare individuals to make sustained contributions to organizations and society in a global, diverse, and dynamic environment, focusing on developing an individual’s interdisciplinary problem solving skills, interpersonal and communication skills, ability to adapt to changing information technology and business environments, entrepreneurial innovations, and ethical and professional values.  Successful completion requires an understanding of not only the required business subjects but also modern information systems and internet technology pertinent to e-business applications. 


The Chief Academic Officer, School Dean, program advisory committees, as well as the faculty members of the School of Business and Information Technology are responsible for the School’s academic affairs. The program advisory committees are comprised of industry professionals, potential employers, and community leaders who advice, review, and provide recommendations on the undergraduate and graduate programs.     


Bachelor of Business Administration and Information Sciences (BBAIS)

Objectives: The program is to prepare students with the fundamentals of current business practices, management principles, and leadership skills, as well as modern information technology applied in a real-world business environment.


Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Objectives: The primary objectives of the MBA degree program are: (1) to provide a knowledge base of interdisciplinary business theories and techniques to the students, (2) to train and to develop students’ practical skills for career development, and (3) to develop the students’ decision-making.