Online Courses

Online Courses

The University offers a number of courses in online delivery mode as an alternative to the traditional in-class mode. These courses are open only to regularly admitted NPU students. There are no additional fees for NPU students enrolling in an NPU Online course. Online learning normally requires a great deal of self-discipline. NPU's Online courses are similar to residential courses with regard to learning objectives, credits earned, and course duration; however, they are different with regard to the type of activities and interaction required of the student.

Writing ability:

Students taking online courses are required to have passed the admission requirement in English. To start: NPU students wishing to enroll in an NPU Online course will be required to:

  1. Have acquired English writing ability
  2. Complete an online Self-Assessment Survey
  3. Pass an orientation workshop and test
  4. Read the NPU Online Student Handbook

Items (2) and (3) are conducted online to help assess the student's readiness for taking online courses. A face-to-face or telephone interview of the student by an administrative counselor may be used to further assess the student's qualification for taking the online course. The extensive orientation will help determine whether an NPU online course is the right choice for the student.

Weekly activities:

The NPU Online courses are designed for the students to learn and proceed on a weekly basis; all assignments and learning materials are laid out on a weekly schedule and the students must complete the weekly work on time in order to proceed successfully. To succeed, the individual must participate in all activities required for the online course.

Class participation:

Online class participation activities of each student enrolled are recorded electronically by the online program and by the instructor. In addition to weekly reading and homework assignments, there are other activities including discussion board and messaging. The instructor has the option to use webcasting or interactive audio/video communication for additional activities. Among these activities, webcasting requires the real-time participation of all parties.

Take exams:

The instructor of an online course determines how to conduct the exams for the course. Students enrolling in an NPU Online course will not be allowed to transfer or "migrate" to the equivalent residential course once the semester has begun (students may add and drop to make the switch by the add/drop deadline only).

International students:

According to the government's rules for international students, an international student is not allowed to take more than one online course in any term, and the online course can not be the only course taken by the student in any term.