Facilities and Services

Books and Materials Loan Periods

You can check out books, magazines, journals, and audio materials.


Check-out Periods


Late Return Fees (per item)


30 Days


.25 cents/day


7 Days


.25 cents/day


2 Hours (in library use only)



Reference Books

7 Days



Note: The maximum number of items you may have checked-out to you is 5.
Note: The maximum fine per item is $50. Additionally, the fine for replacing a lost book will include the new book's replacement cost on Amazon.com or directly from the publisher, plus all tax, shipping, and handling costs.


To provide the highest quality of library and information services to faculty and students on campus in line with our student-centered educational goals on campus.


  1. To provide professional library reference services in both the campus library as well as online, digital eLibrary.
  2. To provide a comfortable, peaceful, and quiet library reading and study environment.
  3. To provide prompt, friendly, and courteous library services.

Overview of Services

The students are encouraged not only to learn from classes but also to pursue independent research by using resources provided by the library services. While NPU's physical library has collections of books, journals, audio/visual materials, and other library items, its e-library subscribes to digital libraries, such as IEEE Computer Society Digital Library and ProQuest digital databases, which greatly increase the learning resources to its users. The NPU library website also incorporates sizable relevant information, conveniently provided by the vast World Wide Web, into the library's online services, including links to the University of California library system.

For the purpose of developing the students' professional skills, the collections at the NPU library and learning resource facility focus on electronics, computer, and business fields as well as general educational subjects. The NPU library provides the latest in resources for teaching and learning effectiveness. In addition to book items and audio/visual collections, the library subscribes to more than one hundred technical journals, magazines, and newspapers in business, sciences, and the electronics and computer areas. Students are encouraged to keep abreast of developments in their fields by reading important professional journals. The University's collections are steadily increasing in order to meet the changing needs of the programs and curricula. Most books circulate for one month. The book stacks area is stocked with open-shelf books and periodical collections, freely available to students, faculty, and staff. Library staff as well as assistants in the library are prepared to assist the visitors to the library. The NPU Library welcomes suggestions from the faculty and students on new acquisitions.

Affiliate Library Services

In order to have access to more comprehensive collections, all degree-seeking students are encouraged to have library cards from other local major university libraries (e.g. University of California at Berkeley, San Jose State University, Stanford University, University of California at Santa Cruz, California State University at Hayward). Students can access many of these library systems via NPU's network system. NPU encourages its students to use these libraries in order to broaden their learning and conduct in-depth research.

For gaining access to other controlled online resources requiring membership or licenses, the NPU library seeks solutions in two ways: (1) by directly joining memberships and/or purchasing licenses, and (2) by referring the faculty and the students to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in San Jose, which is co-managed by the San Jose city government and the San Jose State University. The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library has been awarded "Library of the Year" by the Library Journal. Additionally, several of its librarians offer workshops on research methodology and related subjects to NPU students.

Research Consultation

Come to us if you need help to find information related to your course work or research.

Information Literacy Instructions

We offer information literacy instructions to introduce useful information resources and show how to search major business and engineering databases. Schedule a session with us.

Library Tour

We offer library tours in which major resources and service points are introduced. Make an appointment with us or simply walk in.

Printers, Copier & Scanner

You can use the computers in room 200 of the West Building to print (5¢/page): go to the library service counter to load funds on your printing account ($1 minimum). In the library you can also use the copier (10¢/page, coin-operated), and scanner (free).

Group Study Rooms

Need to meet with your classmates for group projects? Room W-200, E-​140, S-​314 or the dining rooms (South and West buildings) may very well fit your purpose.​

Lost and Found Policy and Procedures