General Education

NPU general education

The purpose of general education is to give breadth to a student's education. With a general background in English and communications, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and the social sciences, the student will be prepared for his or her role both in society and at work. All undergraduate students are expected to demonstrate the following general education student learning outcomes:

  • Write sustained, coherent arguments or explanations.
  • Utilize effective oral communication strategies.
  • Utilize mathematical concepts and methods to analyze, and explain issues in quantitative terms.
  • Identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly use and share information in support of academic, personal, and professional needs.
  • Utilizing disciplinary perspectives from natural and social sciences, explore and analyze issues, ideas, artifacts, and / or events to formalize an opinion or conclusion.

Students who have not completed the general education requirements upon entering a degree program at NPU are required to observe the following curriculum to meet the general education requirements:

English and Communications (12 units)

ENGL101 Expository Writing (3)
ENGL102 Critical Thinking (3)
ENGL115 Speech and Public Speaking (3)
ENGL420 Intercultural Communication (3)

note: ENGL101 is a required course. Other listed courses are suggested subjects.

Humanities (9 units)

HU210 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
HU240 Music Appreciation (3)
HU280 Principles of Ethics (3)

Mathematics and Natural Sciences (9 units)

PHYS101 Introduction to Physical Sciences (3)
MATH201 Calculus I (3)
MATH208 Statistics (3)

note: MATH201 and MATH208 are required courses. PHYS101 is a suggested subject.

Social Sciences (9 units)

SOC201 California History (3)
SOC245 Health Psychology (3)
SOC270 Early American History (3)